Due to Covid-19 some brands are unable to ship internationally. Please check our brand partners page for details, Finer Things Market still wishes to support these brands in this difficult time.

Our brand is a reflection of our values. We don't cut corners on ethics or quality and feel the consumer shouldn't have to either. Toxic textiles directly impact each and every one of us and the garment industry offers an enormous opportunity to improve the quality of life on this planet.

Our goal is to connect you with a platform for change makers in the apparel industry who are working to create beautiful, ethical, human and earth conscious fashion. We believe in 100% transparency and do diligent research on each of our brand partner, so that you know exactly what you are wearing. Our collective purchasing power truly makes a difference, and when you shop at Finer Things Market your purchase empowers marginalized artisans around the world and supports the livelihood of craftsmen and entrepreneurs committed to bringing consciously sourced, earth-friendly fashion to the marketplace.