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By carefully selecting suppliers and organizations to work with, we can help provide an alternative to slavery and human trafficking. Every purchase creates an opportunity for marginalized people all across the world to make an alternate working choice. Our backpacks, purses, jewelry, coffees, teas, and other products are all ethically sourced, ensuring fair trade and creating hope one product at a time.

Children's Face Mask

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Sized specificly for children this are handmade in Thailand by Napada these face masks cover you mouth and nose nicely and are very comfortable.  Made from 100% Cotton and come in either 2 or 3 layers of fabric. They are machine washable too. The elastic is not adjustable.

The masks are not absolutely all the same size because they are hand made. They come in a variety of pattens are colors which will change with each shipment.  

Please note these these not medical masks.

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