LA based women owned sustainable accessories brand with a deeply rooted commitment to respecting and protecting the planet. HOZEN bags boast eco-friendly, biopolyoil (grain-based) leather and suede; Piñatex® (pineapple leaf fibers); recycled plastic / organic cotton twill lining; zippers and thread made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic; natural rubber and remnant rope; recycled cotton labels; and packaging and hangtags made with recycled paper. Each piece is produced in small batches at a fair-wage factory in Los Angeles and is accompanied with an “I Made Your Bag” card, featuring the smiling face of the maker whose hands crafted it.


Tote Block


Brand Hozen
By popular demand, the Tote, worn on the arm or over-the-shoulder, is a staple for every day. Our unique flat silhouette, collaboration with Pinatex and application of striping, make this shape our own. Made with over 90% recycled materials, the Tote is feel-good fashion.

Pinatex® (pineapple leaf fiber "leather") body, recycled plastic / organic cotton twill lining, recycled plastic thread, recycled plastic zippers, recycled cotton label, vegan adhesive.
Made by Cesar and Blanca at their fair-wage factory in Los Angeles.

18 inch width

12 inch height

5 inch fringe

10 inch strap drop

magnetic closure

interior zip pocket

two interior slide pockets

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